My teeth were so crooked that I couldn’t imagine they could turn out as good as they did.  Before, I was very shy and never smiled.  Now I smile all the time and I have much more confidence.  Thank you Dr. Morrill!  -- DLJ

I cannot say enough about how great of an experience this was.  Our son was difficult to work with, and Dr. Morrill and his staff were incredibly patient and terrific to work with.  We couldn’t be happier with the experience and the result!  --BAS

Dr. Morrill does all the work himself unlike some offices where the assistants do the work.  This is exactly what we wanted since we specifically chose Dr. Morrill for his years of experience.  I would highly recommend him. --MG

Dr. Morrill was very good at thoroughly explaining everything he was going to do to our son.  He involved both him and us in every step of the process.  We all learned something and it helped him to cooperate better as well.  --ESM & TNM

Our daughter’s experience in your office was so positive that now she wants to be an orthodontist herself someday.  We would be thrilled if that’s the career path she chooses.  Thank you for being such a positive role model.  --LCS

He did a great job on my kid. He had a terrible mouth and his confidence was shot. Now he is a good looking kid that isn’t self conscious anymore. The job he and his staff did was awesome. -- YN

It really makes a difference going to someone who has experience and been doing this for several decades. There isn’t anything he hasn’t seen including a cleft palate and lip which our son had. It was unbelievable that he could be fixed and even have a great smile. -- AAB

Wow! What a difference an orthodontist can make!  Thank you Dr. Morrill! -- TJ

We interviewed four different orthodontists before choosing you.  We’re glad we did.  The results were excellent, the staff was wonderful, and as a bonus, you were a lot less expensive. -- BW & JW

I’d really recommend Dr. Morrill. The office people were really nice and patient. As an adult, I didn’t think the results would be as good as they were--and it was much less expensive than I expected. --LL

Thanks for a good job. I liked your staff, office, and you. I’ve recommended you to my friends. --KB