For more than four decades Dr. Larry Morrill has worked out of the same office in Palo Alto, Calif. at 1000 Welch Road Suite 201. And there is no doubt in his mind that the orthodontist he is today is far superior to the one when he started. And it’s all because of one simple reason. Experience.

When a patient goes to an orthodontist, it is typically to straighten their teeth. For the orthodontist, such as Dr. Morrill, they become problem solvers. Far before the patient comes in for an appointment, Dr. Morrill studies Xrays to figure exactly what needs to be done. And being able to draw on countless patients that he’s helped over the years is something that can’t be taught in school.

“Because I’ve seen patients that have been seeing me for 10 or more years, I can see exactly the results of the decisions we originally made,” he said. “By seeing it play out, we can use that knowledge to help future patients.”

Other orthodontists have benefited from hearing Dr. Morrill lecture and pass along his knowledge from experience to them.

Still, even though he has experience, he is quick to point out that doesn’t translate into complacency. Even though Dr. Morrill has seen nearly every type of orthodontic challenge walk through his door, he never takes any patient for granted. As similar as every case may be, each person is unique.

“You have to take the time and look at each case individually, because the moment you think you have it figured out, something will get past you,” he said.